The winter of 2014 is when my approach to managing diabetes completely changed. Even though I was able to keep decent control for the first 4 years of my diagnosis, I was experiencing highs and lows much to frequently and was getting fed up. My A1Cs had never gone above 7.1 in those 4 years and I had never had a severe hypo or gone into ketoacidosis, but I had missed classes, canceled plans with friends and been very moody because of my diabetes. I was following the Canadian diabetes way of eating – count carbs, put in correct amount of insulin, eat food. Also I was eating whatever I wante...

It all started in the holiday season of 2010.  I remember going Christmas shopping with my family and insisting on bringing the biggest reusable water bottle we had.  For some people drinking that much water is totally normal, especially while shopping, but for me it definitely wasn’t. I remember being constantly hungry and eating so much food but somehow losing weight.  I remember waking up 5 or 6 times at night running to the bathroom to pee and trying to convince myself that it was somehow normal.  Something  everyone knows about me is that I’ve always been an extreme hypochondriac, the...

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