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November Favorites + Stocking Stuffer Guide: Health, Wellness and Type 1 Diabetes Edition

It’s that time of year again, when the smell of balsam is in the air and lights fill the night with a warm brightness only the holidays could bring. I must admit, I am a huge sucker for the holidays, getting to spend time with my family, eating festive food, listening to great music and of course, giving and receiving gifts!

About 4 or 5 years ago, my new years resolution was to be more generous, and ever since then I’ve been really into tailoring and giving the best gifts for each specific person I know. This post isn’t just about gifts, it’s also about products I’ve been enjoying this month that have made my like just a little bit sweeter. I figure they go hand and hand so here’s my list of awesome things I've been loving this month as well as some cute stocker stuffer ideas for the holiday season.

1. Matcha Ninja

This matcha is the BEST, no bitter aftertaste, quick dissolving, super smooth and creamy, easy to make hot or cold and of course, it’s organic and tested for heavy metals and pesticides. If you’re already a matcha fan I definitely recommend you try this one, or give it as a gift to someone you know is trying to cut the coffee addiction!

2. Dr. Bronners 18 in 1 Hemp Almond pure Castile soap

I love taking showers partially because of this amazing product. First of all it smells like sweet almond cookies, second of all because it leave your skin so happy after and lastly because the brand is just amazing and does so much good for the world, if every company was as good as dr. bronner, the world would be a much much better place. Just check out their website for all the facts, it would be too long for me to list here!

3. Favourite chocolates of the month ~~~ Sun Cups and Zazu bean

Sun cups are basically healthy peanut butter cups! They use sunflower seed butter instead of peanut butter and dark chocolate on the outside. They aren’t low carb but they use good ingredients and 1 cup will run you about 7 net carbs, I find that’s all I need when I eat them because they’re so dang tasty and satisfying! These are great stocking stuffers!!

Zazu bean is probably my favourite grocery store chocolate brand. (and I’ve tried literally every brand so that’s saying a lot) The ingredients are always so clean and high quality, it’s all fair trade and organic, and most importantly it tastes SOOOO good – what’s not to love. Also all their chocolates also contain super foods! My personal go to is the lunatic bar – mint, cocoa nibs and maca (drooling just thinking about it). They also just came out with their holiday flavors – Vixen (cherry hazelnut), Dasher (cranberry cacao nib) and Blitzen (mint cacao nib & coconut). Definitely will satisfy any chocolate lovers soul and also a decent price at only 3.99 a bar! I buy mine at bulk barn foods; also most health food stores carry them.

4. Bali’Sun mini coconut oil

I love this mini coconut oil jar; it’s great for travelling or just your daily coconut oil needs. I was looking for a small jar of coconut a couple years ago and the only one I could find was from Sephora and cost me 10.99….(for like 50 ml). Then a couple months ago at a health food store check out I found this wonderful product for only 1.99!! I was so stoked I bought one for my sister and myself. I just refill it when it’s low and after a couple times I buy a new one! These are also great stoking stuffers, especially for that person who’s always on the go!

5. Insulin syringe needle clipper

This one is obviously for all my diabuddies or people whose life requires them to use needles lol. Basically I’ve had a million used insets lying around my house forever because they didn’t fit through the hole in my sharps container and the lid didn’t come of either. Having no way to safely dispose of them I just didn’t dispose of them…. until now! I just got my syringe clipper and my life is 100 times more organize. If you or someone you know has an insulin pump I highly recommended picking this up! And only 7.99 on amazon!


These pouches are soooo cute. Anyone who has diabetes should have one because they make the illness just a tiny bit more bearable and happy. There are so many different colors and are good for boys and girl. Makes a great gift for yourself or a sweet diabetic friend :)


This is a caffeine free dandelion root blend that tastes like creamy coffee. I love it and I usually drink it around 4 or 5 pm when I feel like I'm gonna have a bit of a crash. It is delicious and does wonders for my mood and energy without giving me the over stimulation/crash that coffee gives me.

8. Foam Roller

If you’re in any way active you should get a foam roller. By rolling out your muscles and tissues you creates a release of tension allowing them to heal faster. I use mine mainly on my back because I’ve had back problems for a while and it feels SOO good. Any time I’ve been standing for too long or doing something the requires lifting or even just walking around all day with a heavy bag, I’ll foam roll at night and the pressure/pain goes away instantly.

9. Abnormal Beauty Company/DECIEM

Deciem s a new brand popping up all over Canada. Their values are good and their products are simple and effective. They also use normal ingredients that aren’t going to make you break out in a rash. Also, almost all of their products are vegan and cruelty free!!! Abnormal beauty is one of their lines and the products are all very thought out and nourishing to the skin. The aesthetic of their labels is so simple and satisfying, anything from this company would be a thoughtful gift for someone to receive.

Hope you got some good ideas from this list! If you want a chance to win a pack of dandy blend and Matcha ninja, be sure to head over to my instagram to enter to win! <3

Thanks for reading,


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